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Automobilia, Art, Vintage Firearms & Jewellery
Venue address
Coates House
Gretton Road
Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
GL54 5EE
United Kingdom
Automobilia, Art, Vintage Firearms & Jewellery

Automobilia, Art, Firearms & Jewellery

Auction dates
Jun 16, 2022 10:00 AM BST
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By appointment only
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We found 92 items matching your search
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Robert Carr Silver Clock and Silver Cigarette Case
19th Century Dutch Wall Clock
220 GBP
Large Brass Carriage Clock
Brass Carriage Clock - Garrard & Co
40 GBP
9ct Gold Open Faced Pocket Watch
300 GBP
Three Gentleman's Wrist Watches
320 GBP
Baume & Mercier Tank Wrist Watch
500 GBP
Austin Motor Company Interest 25 Year Service Wrist Watch
200 GBP
Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Cocktail Watch Bracelet
480 GBP
18k Gold Piaget Lady's Wrist Watch
1,400 GBP
Ladies 18ct Gold Coin Watch
Continental 18k Half Hunter Pocket Watch
700 GBP
Art Deco 9ct Gold Cigarette Case
1,150 GBP
Art Deco Silver Gilt and Black Enamel Card Case
Pair of 18ct Gold Cufflink's
500 GBP
Pair of 18k Octagonal Cufflink's
320 GBP
14ct Gold Jade Pendant
70 GBP
Bespoke Sapphire Ring
80 GBP
18ct Platinum Three Stone Diamond Ring
130 GBP
Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold Lemon Quartz Ring
50 GBP
18ct White Gold and Diamond Pendant
140 GBP
9ct Gold Bracelets
120 GBP
18ct Tri-Gold Bangle
650 GBP
18ct Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring
320 GBP
18ct Yellow Gold and Cubic Zircon Ring
50 GBP
Antique18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring
140 GBP
9ct Gold Amethyst Ring
80 GBP
18ct Yellow Gold Ring
160 GBP
18ct Gold and Diamond Ring
100 GBP
1920's 18ct Gold and Platinum Diamond and Pearl Ring
150 GBP
Perth Mint Western Australia 1/2 Oz Pendant
600 GBP
9ct and Cubic-Zircon Style Bracelet
280 GBP
18ct Gold Chain
Lot 125
265 GBP
Pt850 K18 Gold Daisy Strand Necklace
600 GBP
Gold and Diamond Ring
Pair of 14ct White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Earrings
150 GBP
Platinum and Emerald Ring
240 GBP
9ct Gold Mounted Cameo Brooch
140 GBP
18ct Yellow Gold Rose-Cut Diamond and Pearl Ring
190 GBP
14/15ct Gold Opal Pendant
140 GBP
22ct Gold Ring and 14ct Gold Pendant
70 GBP
Three 9ct Gold Rings
130 GBP
19th Century Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring
400 GBP
19th Century 18ct Ruby and Diamond Gypsy Ring
160 GBP
18ct Yellow Gold and Jade Signet Ring
260 GBP
Edwardian 9ct Amethyst Seed Pearl Pendant
9ct Gold Mourning Brooch
120 GBP
High Carat Gold Nugget Brooch
160 GBP
14/15ct Gold and Blue Enamel Mourning Pendant
180 GBP
Victorian Graduated Pearl Necklace
50 GBP
Silver Concorde and Spitfire Cuffinks
95 GBP
14ct Gold and Diamond Floral Ring
80 GBP
9ct Gold Rings
Lot 146
90 GBP
Three Gold Rings
85 GBP
14ct Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
9ct Gold Amethyst Ring
80 GBP
Collection of 9ct Rings
150 GBP
14ct Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
170 GBP