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Automobilia, Art, Vintage Firearms & Jewellery
Venue address
Coates House
Gretton Road
Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
GL54 5EE
United Kingdom
Automobilia, Art, Vintage Firearms & Jewellery

Automobilia, Art, Firearms & Jewellery

Auction dates
Jun 16, 2022 10:00 AM BST
Viewing dates
By appointment only
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We found 192 items matching your search
Primary Category
Item Type
Sale Section
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Vintage Ship's Ensign and Union Jack
45 GBP
2005 Cristal Champagne
100 GBP
Oak and Brass Desk Canon
30 GBP
Art Deco 9ct Yellow Gold Cheroot Holder
65 GBP
Dunhill 'Rollaga's' Lighter
50 GBP
Stainless Steel Lighter
70 GBP
Dunhill Stainless Steel Lighter
65 GBP
1970's 9ct Yellow Gold Cigar Cutter
220 GBP
Silver Topped Walking Cane
70 GBP
19th Century Folding Monocular
180 GBP
Miscellaneous Items
35 GBP
The Boer War: Photograph, Pipe and Coin
Model Pond Yacht
75 GBP
WWI Era Leather Belt
Tree Fossil - Triassic Period (240 Million Years)
140 GBP
19th Century Masonic Ceremonial Sword
130 GBP
French 1831 Pattern Infantry Short Sword
Indo-Persian Shield
85 GBP
Miscellaneous Pens
85 GBP
1946-7 Theatre Autograph Album
Scrap Book - Theatre Programs
Quantity of Cigarette Cards
MacFarlane Lang & Co Watermill Biscuit Tin
140 GBP
1963 Kennedy Gold Medallion
220 GBP
Charles II 1673 Silver Coin
420 GBP
Ogilby John Strip Map and Mordant Rutland Map
35 GBP
Blaeu, Willem Jansson Denbigiensis Comitatus et Comitaus Flintensis.
Morden Robert 1722 Map of Barkshire and Oxfordshire
75 GBP
Charles Dana Gibson Everyday People
Quantity of Vintage Postcards
100 GBP
Sovereign Series War in the South Atlantic Postcards
60 GBP
A leather cavalry pistol holster.
150 GBP
Hutcheson Percussion Officers Holster Pistol
180 GBP
A Box-Lock Pistol
110 GBP
Continental Brass Topped Shot Flask
55 GBP
Williams Flintlock Duelling Pistol
600 GBP
A Side Hammer Man Stopper Overcoat Pistol
260 GBP
An American Boot Leg Pistol
220 GBP
Henry Nock Percussion Manstopper
240 GBP
A Box-Lock Percussion Pistol with a Damascus Barrel
140 GBP
Wilson's of London Pocket Pistol
180 GBP
Cannon Barreled Box-Lock Overcoat Pistol
240 GBP
Miniature Powder Flask by Sykes
65 GBP
Higham of Warrington Flintlock Pistol
380 GBP
Brass Framed Side Hammer Overcoat Pistol
320 GBP
A Percussion Box-Lock Pocket Pistol, Dated 1864
85 GBP
Mark 1. Webley Air Pistol
120 GBP
Mid 19th Century English .31 Pocket Revolver
320 GBP
Tranter type Double Action Six-Shot Revolver
220 GBP
Tranter type .54-Bore Percussion Revolver
440 GBP
Colt Patent Pocket Revolver .36 Calibre
Belgian Pepperbox Revolver
220 GBP
19th Century Pepperbox Revolver
220 GBP
19th Century Pepperbox Revolver
110 GBP
Belgian Pin Fire Revolver
1,450 GBP
Single Barrel Muff Pistol
240 GBP
Muff Pistol
Lot 84
190 GBP
Continental Double Barreled Box Lock Pistol
290 GBP