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Antiques & Collectables including Swarovski
Venue address
Coates House
Gretton Road
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
GL54 5EE
United Kingdom
Antiques & Collectables including Swarovski

Antiques & Collectables

Auction dates
Jan 27, 2022 10:00 AM GMT
Viewing dates
By appointment only
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There are 324 lots within this auction
Primary Category
Item Type
Sale Section
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Jaeger-Le-Coultre Atmos Clock
1,100 GBP
Late 18th/19th Century Ramsden London Eight Drawer Telescope
340 GBP
19th Century Gilt Snuff Box
60 GBP
Antiquity - Italian Marble Bust
420 GBP
Victorian Era Whaling Memorabilia
35 GBP
Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac
30 GBP
Collection of Antique Seals
140 GBP
Five Silver Propelling Pencils
75 GBP
Royal Doulton James Bond 007 Jack No Time To Die Bulldog
9ct Gold Hallmarked Propelling Pencil
65 GBP
Miscellaneous Items
50 GBP
Collection of Pens and Pencils
140 GBP
Pair of 19th Century Ormulu Twin Candelabra
160 GBP
9ct Yellow Gold Propelling Pencil
75 GBP
B&O Hi-Fi Equipment
85 GBP
Ryder Cup 2008 Signed Valhalla Hole 18 Flag
60 GBP
Collection of Copper Jelly Moulds
30 GBP
Vintage Football Signed by England Football Squad
Long Case Grandmother Clock
30 GBP
9ct Yellow Gold Propelling Pencil
80 GBP
Set of Three Graduated Brass Picture Supports
150 GBP
Schuco Elektro Ingenico 5380 4.5 Volt Model Car
Brass Telescope
60 GBP
Charming Cast Brass and Copper Parrot
Mid-20th Century Steamer Trunk
9ct Yellow Gold Propelling Pencil
95 GBP
1930s Walt Disney - Mickey Mouse Ltd Birthday Card
40 GBP
Royal Mint The Sovereign 2016 Three-Coin Gold Proof Set
1,200 GBP
2020 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Coin
240 GBP
The Royal Mint 2013 Gold Proof Sovereign
350 GBP
2016 Remembrance Day Gold Proof Sovereign
260 GBP
Queen Elizabeth II Official Lifeboat Half Sovereign
130 GBP
Victoria 1883 Half Sovereign
130 GBP
Royal Canada Mint 2014 $10 Gold Coin Maple Leaf
280 GBP
The Royal Mint 2005 United Kingdom Gold Proof Sovereign
360 GBP
CPM Gold Sovereign Date Stamp 1/1/2014
260 GBP
Victoria 1884 Half Sovereign
130 GBP
Bradford Exchange The Queen Victoria Bicentenary Proof Quarter Sovereign
United States J F Kennedy Commemorative Coin
110 GBP
Austrian Johann Strauss Commemorative Coin
120 GBP
Harrington & Byrne 2020 80th Anniversary $10 Gold Proof Coin
2019 Elizabeth II 400th Anniversary Quarter Laurel Gold Coin
260 GBP
London Mint Office
History of Our Monarchy Coins
130 GBP
Edward VII Full Gold Sovereign
260 GBP
1892 Queen Victoria Full Gold Sovereign
260 GBP
George IV 1911 Full Gold Sovereign
260 GBP
Westminster Mint Silver Proof Coins
65 GBP
Ten Silver Proof Coins Gibraltar Route
95 GBP
Westminster Mint Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday Coins
65 GBP
2014 Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf Premium Set
60 GBP
Danbury Mint Early Issue 2019 Australia
75 GBP
Danbury Mint Presentation Set of Six Pences
55 GBP
2014 DateStamp United Kingdom Specimen Year Set
Sir Winston Churchill 2015 UK £20 Silver Proof Coins
70 GBP
USA Silver Liberty Dollars
70 GBP
Big Ben 2015 £100 Commemorative Silver Coins
220 GBP
50 Year Decimalisation Gold Plated Ingot
Duke of Edinburgh 5oz Silver Proof Memorial Coin
140 GBP
The Queen's Beasts 2021 UK
220 GBP