Important Information

Coronavirus Precautions During the Coronavirus restrictions.

British Bespoke Auctions continues to offer auctions via online platform only. Please note that there will be no viewing day nor personal attendance at the auction: until restrictions are lifted our auctions are strictly online only. We will allow collections strictly by appointment with bookings made through our website, making sure that we abide by the Government advice for safe distancing. We have an in-house postage & packing service dispatching to destinations worldwide, for which we are happy to provide quotations; in the present conditions there may be some delay for your items to arrive. Bespoke Auctions reserves the right not to send items that we deem to be too fragile.

Bespoke Auctions Online Sales

Bespoke Auctions Online Sales are provided on the basis that you will place bids on your own behalf. In the event that Bespoke Auctions agrees to place a bid on your behalf in an Online Sale, we do so as an additional service without charge, and Bespoke Auctions ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY, DUTY OR LIABILITY WHATSOEVER, WHETHER FOR NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE, IN THE PLACING OR FAILURE TO PLACE SUCH BIDS. (d) Lots offered for sale will vary in terms of age, type and condition, with potential faults, imperfections and repairs, and are offered for Sale “AS IS” in their condition as at the time of sale. Lot Descriptions reflect Bespoke Auctions’ reasonable opinion within the terms on which they are provided; are provided for general reference; and do not purport to be and may not be taken as complete descriptions of the Lot. Lot Descriptions and Condition Reports may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors and we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the content or that any defects will be noted or corrected. Condition Reports represent our reasonable opinion (recognising that we are not restorers or conservators) and are intended to offer a general view as to the overall condition of the Lot, but may not cover all condition issues. Online images depend on connectivity and performance of computer equipment and may not accurately represent the Lot’s colours and shades. Given the age of many Lots, they may have been damaged and/or repaired and you should not make any assumptions about the condition or any other aspect of a Lot. If you yourself do not have expertise regarding a Lot, you should consult someone who does to advise you. It is your responsibility to take appropriate advice on and satisfy yourself as to the attributes of any Lot in which you are interested. (e) WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE FORGERY (SEE 14), BESPOKE AUCTIONS DOES NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE FOR LOT DESCRIPTIONS, CONDITION REPORTS, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ATTRIBUTION, AUTHENTICITY OR PROVENANCE, AND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE EXCLUDED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE BY LAW.